10 Reasons for Celebrating My 1st Weight Watcher’s Milestone

I have posted twice about our experience with WW. As the weeks progress my husband and I find ourselves 100% in. We track our foods and exercise on a daily basis, shop ahead to stock our home with “power foods”, go to weekly meetings and stay, plan creative and delicious recipes to keep our taste buds happy and define this as our “journey” NOT diet.

Yesterday I achieved my first milestone as I lost 5% of my beginning weight. Was thrilled- 8 pounds off and already feeling and looking better.  Here are my top 10 reasons for celebrating this mini-success.

1. I no longer dwell on or obsess about food and my daily intake. Tracking takes care of that.

2. My upper arms no longer make that embarrassing flapping sound as they slap my ribs when canoodling down a staircase.

3. I look and feel considerably better. Try not to get too excited when people actually notice and remark! (felt really good when one of my gym buddies asked, “Hey, how much weight have you dropped?)

4. Clothes that have not fit suddenly do and increases my wardrobe and outfit possibilities. Back into my fav jeans is a homecoming.

5. Feeling victory and in charge of my own weight loss is a confidence booster. If I can achieve these results in this area of my life why not in others?

6. When shopping at TJ Max I now have fun looking at and trying on clothes. Pre WW I stuck to the housewares, cosmetics and handbag departments.

7. My sciatica is nowhere to be found. 8 pounds less and I have rediscovered a bounce in my step and a total reduction of pain shooting up and down my left leg.

8. WW has brought my beloved and I closer together as we share this very positive experience and journey together. The support that I feel from my husband is invaluable.

9. I actually taste my food again. Fruits, vegetables, protein and other power foods are a revelation.

10. My cravings for too many carbs and sweets are pleasantly reduced. I have new habits that are effective and sustaining.


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