For 40 years I have experienced a nightmare in which I am lost, disoriented, displaced, penniless, parent-less, and friendless. At 22 I was Girl Interrupted.

I didn’t need an analyst to decipher the meaning of my distressing dreams. On May 4, 1970 Boston University banished all students from campus in the wake of the Kent State Killings and ensuing protests and tumult.  Numb, and  traumatized by the callous murders and injustice , I was not about to concern myself with the cancellation of a graduation ceremony I no longer felt right about attending.

My dad drove  from New York to Boston to pick me up. In a prior post  I described the ride, the mood and the rancor. There was no time for goodbyes, collective processing of  Kent State and the questionable actions of the National Guard.

Any relationship between Boston University and I was severed and I looked back in anger for years. History was altered with an email I received from BU Alumni Relations asking my class if we would be interested in a graduation 40 years later. I responded immediately and within a month received an invitation. Next came an article in the Boston Globe in which I was interviewed as a member of the class.

BU Article

Part II will describe the incredible event and the lives it touched by bring this incredible class together.


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