Kale-Fail; Adventures in Dieting

I have never met a vegetable I did not like; that is, until today. My husband and I have been following the WW program since December 4 and have both been successful in shedding some pounds.. We have adapted to the program by continuing to track points on a daily basis, planning ahead by shopping, trying new recipes and filling up on WW power point foods.

Our wise and spirited leader Beth is fond of reminding us, “Is there any way you can add fruit or vegetables to your meal?”My husband and I have followed this sage advice and feel so satisfied by the “powering-up” of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Recently, we purchased two  attractive WW  cook books- Points Plus and Power Up and have enjoyed the few recipes we have tried until today. Blame it on the Kale “groupies” (who number many) in our Saturday morning class. We have been hearing about all of the incredible wonders of and ways to enjoy kale since our very first meeting. The deal was sealed when our leader showed a picture of a Kale Stew on page 188 of the Points Plus Cookbook. She and the kale contingent oohed and aah-ed so much that we were influenced to try the recipe and finally, kale

From the moment I purchased  a bag at TraderJoe’s I was not encouraged. Forging onward I shopped for the other ingredients and was determined to at least try the recipe.My husband wrinkled his nose as I pulled the ingredients for the Kale Stew out of my Trader Joe cloth bags. “You’re not making that now?” His big blues pleading with me to say “No, not now.”

Somehow I  conned him into helping with the assembling and preparation of  the ingredients. Kicking off with the sauteing of onions, green pepper and garlic infused us with optimism as the pleasant aroma filled the room. We were also heartened by the addition of  threads of saffron, oregano, and sherry. From the minute the four cups of kale was poured into the pot we were turned off. We soldiered on, however, adding the diced tomatoes, beans and vegetable broth that the recipe called for.  As the unfamiliar concoction came to a rolling boil my husband and I exchanged frowns. It did not look good. Not at all.  As the soup simmered for 30 minutes the room was no longer filled with a pleasant aroma.The intrepid experimental type, I was the first to try the stew. I filled my bowl with the one and a half cups recommended by the recipe. That would be five points. I added one points worth of reduced fat cheddar chess and melted and spread it on top hoping to make the kale stew tastier- more inviting.

I sat down at the kitchen table and took my first bite.It really was a total bust. My husband finally sampled a “smidge” with a teaspoon gingerly hoisted into the pot. It became instantly clear that he would not be wasting his points on this for lunch.Who knows why I stubbornly ate the whole bowl? I felt totally unsatisfied and as if II didn’t eat at all. Yes, we gave the kale a chance. This will be the last time.. As I write this post I am ravenous and feel like raiding the refrigerator. I won’t. Dinner will be a tried and true chicken stir fry recipe, on a bed of brown rice coupled with a crisp, fresh salad and my special dressing.

Kale Stew


One thought on “Kale-Fail; Adventures in Dieting

  1. My husband and I also had adventures in kale, and grew some one summer. Not realizing how much one plant produces, we bought a six pack and soon, to our dismay, had kale taking over the tiny garden. We tried it stewed (yuck), fried (eww) and the biggest mistake: blended into our breakfast smoothie. It tasted like grass clippings. The only way to eat it, we discovered, was to make it into kale chips: a little oil and salt and under the broiler and it crisps up. Only that way would anyone in the house deign to eat it. We ended up giving 5 plants away to unsuspecting friends. Next year, pole beans, perhaps?

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