Weight Watcher’s Redux

Back in the Saddle again. A WW veteran of over 25 years I returned to a Saturday morning class with a  reluctant husband in tow. We negotiated the weigh-in without gasping, bought some expensive two -point WW products and picked up  the weekly WW propaganda and food diaries and made the wise decision to stay for the meeting.

It might be the last place on earth we wanted to be on a promising sun-lit Saturday morning. Lots of deja vu as the  leader a savvy veteran we have studied with for years greeted us warmly. We have cycled in and out of many classes with our dedicated leader.  I even hit goal in the early 90’s. Convinced that I was a “civilian” and cured of my eating issues I ignored the attendance/weigh-in rules for members reaching goal. I believed that I I had the eating crazies nailed. Within a  year all of the weight  I lost was back on. It was both devastating and humbling.  Have been back many times since and never even close to reaching goal again and playing half-heartedly at being a member more than committing to the endless tracking and tedious counting of points. For some reason I sabotaged my own success and was not really interested in losing weight.

A few weeks age I decided I was ready to begin anew and convinced my husband it was time to try again now that we were grandparents and “up the ladder of years.” Something about being a grandparent makes one think about longevity and doing something to prolong it. We actually enjoyed the class and found some of the discussion very encouraging and  helpful. The group was  open, committed and smart. Significantly, there was a large number of members who had impressive success with weight loss and reformation of eating habits/patterns. By the conclusion of the long class my husband and I agreed to follow the program guidelines 100 % and to actually track on a daily basis. We left with the best of intentions.  To be continued…….


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