Filling some big shoes; On becoming a grandma

Pacing the floor of the Chestnut Hill Mall on Saturday Evening, November 19, the three of us were in an excitable state. We had finished what we thought would be a celebratory dinner – waiting for the birth of our first grandchild and my younger son, Robert, his nephew. The text from the father-to-be  at 5:00 exclaimed, “ready to start pushing!” The vigil party (had been following news since the previous night) made the decision to head for Charley’s ;our place to gather in recognition of family milestones. As time passed and we downed our wine, picked out our entrees and looked at our watches and scanned our various electronic devices for news we began to worry.. “How long could she possibly be pushing?”  “Had something gone wrong?”

We paid the bill and decided to pace the square footage of the empty Mall floors until we heard news.. I finally relented and sent a carefully worded text to  our son at 8:30 pm. He texted back that our grandson, Robert’s nephew had been born at 6:13 and they were in a total state of bliss with Max and forgot to let us know. So began our heady path into grand-parenthood. Uncharted territory with unwritten rules and expectations for newbie grandparents and uncles.



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