Arms Embracing the Day- Shake-Up Boot Camp II

In my two recent posts I identified and defined my digital addiction issue,  work-a-holism syndrome and consequent “role-strain” and “role-conflicts” impeding any possibility of balance (This Empress Has No Clothes)  and, secondly, created a program of recovery in attempts to gain some semblance of restoration of balance and discovery of a “freer” self. (Shake-Up Boot Camp.)

Falling asleep restively last night after a bout of self-recrimination, I awakened with a knot in my throat and the decision to get back to some of the steps on the road to regaining balance.

Sunday Action Plan:

In addressing my self-recrimination rant I have uncovered the culprit- I have been comparing myself to some others in my reference group and fall short. The Theory of Relative Deprivation reigns as I examine financial insecurities and denouement in recent years. In grappling with this I am working at changing the instruments with which I have always measured success and bought into old familial scripts.  Redefining the criteria for success is on my plate today.

Today is the day that I am practicing and repeating  the mantra I created as part of my “Shake-Up Boot Camp Program.”  “Step-by-Step” will be in my pocket and if that is not powerful enough to transform reality and keep the demons at the door,  will revert to “Inch-by-Inch” until it clicks and moves me.

I will exercise until I can feel my body again and can take ownership. Exercise is a priority for me releasing endorphins , centering and insulating me.I also break out into song which makes me very giddy.

Sunday is a wonderful day to address and work on new priorities and goals-small and large,  short-term and long.  Updating and refining these priorities and goals continues on as a critical work in progress.

Ask myself how I  can conduct this train and should I keep all passengers on board?  Perhaps it is time to unload those who refuse to pay the price of the ticket?

Will count assets and blessings and expel “demons and devils” deeply internalized.

Pro-activity trumps re-activity and will hold up an internalized STOP sign when I allow too many unreasonable demands to bombard and bury me.

Today is the day I will treat myself with as much compassion and kindness as I do unto others.

Today is also the day I will take on and challenge my “Fear of Success’ and begin the process of dismantling and, at last,  laying it to rest.  Influenced by my dear friend @jdistraction (Latest post “Awake”) I will leap and stretch to grow and overcome the fear and cowardice that keeps me from reaching for the heights and the abundance that could be flowing my way.

This day; this Sunday I am opening the door and my arms to let the abundance in. Let it flow.


6 thoughts on “Arms Embracing the Day- Shake-Up Boot Camp II

  1. I think you are on a great path. Balance is so hard to come by (my co-author actually wrote about that today, too), and I have come to accept that there will be seasons of imbalance in my life. I’m in the thick of one now, but I know that this too shall pass. In the meantime, I’m trying to take care of my body and spirit — sounds like you are too!

  2. Beautiful Marsha! I love the reverting back to “inch by inch” from “step by step” if necessary. It just shows your forward thinking. No matter how far, you are still moving forward in the direction you want to go.

    I applaud your desire to reach higher than you ever thought you could. Just remember, you are ALREADY successful, the next level of success is the same, just busier. You can certainly handle busier. Much love and support to you.

  3. So true that priorities and goals are (and absolutely should be) works in progress. I forget that sometimes, marching on for quite a distance before I realize I’m no longer heading north. We’re evolving, I think, so we have to keep checking back in with ourselves.

    I am honored to be in this evolution with you!

  4. Marsha you make me feel like all things are possible. I love this post, agree with Joanne – inch by inch is pure genius. You inspire me (as does J) to work at being more me – more balanced and more awake (@jdistraction nod). I am so happy to have met you, I hope we still meet regularly even though we are both working on managing our physical and digital selves and will not be as regularly online. ;o) Thank you for posting an update! Love that I can find you here whenever I need to hear from a friend!

  5. You brought tears to my eyes, Marsha. Yes ~ “if you will treat yourself with as much compassion and kindness as you do unto others” you will be surrounded by love and encouragement. You are one of the kindest people I know. Let it flow, dear, let it flow! *hugs* Dani

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