Shake-Up Boot Camp

Having shared  my digital addiction, chronic work -a-holism and excessive multi-tasking I created a personalized program- “Shake-Up Boot Camp. In my last post, “The Empress Has no Clothes” I expressed a desire to finally address the issue of achieving balance in my life. I see my endeavors as a long-term process and journey to which I commit.

Some Steps on the Road to Regaining Balance

1.  Record a thorough and brutally honest accounting of how you spend your time each day in a journal.

2. Identify and examine the multiple social roles you hold. Analyze  role strain and conflicts and how to address.

3. What are your priorities? What really matters?  How important and how would you rank family, work, friends, hobbies, spirituality, exercise and physical fitness, travel, community service, intellectual pursuits…etc.

4. Expose and assess the gap between the reality of your current life balance ratios versus the ideal as expressed in your priorities. How can you begin to bridge the gap?

5. Eliminate meaningless rituals or tasks that are robbing you of precious time.

6. De-Stress, De-clutter and Simplify.

7. Outsource and delegate responsibilities  that are not priorities or not strengths where you can.

8. Stop procrastination. Anxiety and avoidance saps more energy.

9. Arrive at a mantra to accompany, support and define your journey. What word or phrase best contributes to the regaining of balance, centeredness and serenity?

10. It is critical to be proactive and not reactive through the structuring of your day into a daily plan.


6 thoughts on “Shake-Up Boot Camp

  1. Thanks! This sounds like a good plan. May I suggest a pre #1, which is to first find and defend an hour a day to start planning and executing? (though even an hour every few days is a start!) For #3 in particular, if there is not enough soul searching it’s easy to list the priorities you believe you should have. I might suggest using #1 as the starting place, since it reflects our true priorities. If we want to change them, we need to be really clear about why. A “5 Why’s” exercise might be useful. Because if we think we want to change them but don’t REALLY want to change them, well, we are already living the true priorities now and will revert to them again.

  2. Love your insertion of a pre#1, finding and defending an hour for planning and execution. You make some realistic points around our resistance to change that is not reflective of our deepest and truest priorities. I so value your weighing in on this complicated process. Here’s to the balance that works for us.

  3. Love it! Now let’s see where I find the hour to try it! How many hours do I really need to sleep? Lol But really Marsha – excellent list I think I’ll give it a try :o)

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