This Empress Has No Clothes or Finding Balance At Any age

As an expert who gives seminars designed to help addled dual-career parents discover work-family balance through finding and hiring a nanny I have a secret. “This empress has no clothes.”

Having an empty nest is no assurance of the return of quality time for self and spouse. Work takes center stage and multiplies as does the demands of the digital age. Having lost the desire and ability to read a long book or write more than a paragraph at a time it is time for reconsideration of the ratios governing my daily life. I ask myself, “WTF is the yield, here?”  My ongoing work fest and addiction to texting, emailing, Facebook. Twitter and googling is placing serious limitations on my human spirit, body and relationships.

I have lived as a workaholic for many years and paid a price. At what juncture in my life will I realize that I am not my job, although, at times,  my job is me?  My body is thirsting for exercise, toning, strengthening, and relaxation; my mind wants calm, joy, creativity and contemplation.  The ultimate hypocrite? In this last chapter of my life I hope to get it right and spend some time searching for balance between work, digital addictions, self, family and friends in real-time.


16 thoughts on “This Empress Has No Clothes or Finding Balance At Any age

  1. I understand your dilemma. I’m glad to hear that you are examining and reevaluating what is in your life, and what you want out of life. You’ll figure it out. *big hug* Dani

  2. I think it’s great that you are stepping back and trying to find balance. I love your aspirations. (Just make sure you come and tweet now and then!)

  3. I totally get it. Twitter is great, but by “tweeting” to ppl about books and stuff – I have limited my time for actually reading and doing stuff IRL. I hope that you find that balance (then write a book so we can all follow your example!). In the meantime – good luck, and I hope we do not lose touch (bookmarking this site now). *hugs*

  4. Thank you for your support. I plan on spending some quality time on Twitter as I love so much about the connections I have made.


    I do not want to lose touch with the incredible tweeps I have met. Being more mindful about being too plugged in or working too many hours does not mean I will go twitterless.


  5. noooooo…. I kid. Kind of. I should probably follow your example. It’s the energetic, effortful, non-passive thing to do. Still. Noooo.

  6. I adore you and only want happiness for you. By cutting down you will likely find who is REALLY special… and hopefully I will make the cut. You are so talented in so many ways, with a heart of gold. So glad we’ve met.

  7. Last night the TV was on, Mose was on his IPod, Niko was on his DS, George was on his laptop, I was on my phone. We were all in the same room communicating with everyone BUT each other. Shame on us and good for you for stepping back.

  8. As one of your twitter friends , I MISS YOU!! However, as a mother of 5, who has run a business out of her home for more than 25 years of her life, I can totally relate.

    I am on Twitter every day (as you know), but I am a huge fan of Twuffer and Hootsuite. That way, I can limit my time on there (not as much chit-chat ), but still keep my finger on the pulse. I also have assigned different days to tackle different tasks. That enables me to set MY schedule, and not live my life reacting to the events of the day.

    Sometimes you gotta clear the deck before going back and figuring out how to best manage, I understand that. I have definitely been there before. I think that is what made me start getting up at 5am everyday and do yoga. For me, that had been the key to my balance… but it’s not for everyone, I know.

    I would love to talk to you further about this.
    I am very interested in hearing what works for you and talking about your journey along the way.

    Please keep in touch.

  9. Completed Day 1 of “Shake-Up Boot Camp” and survived with some new revelations to be posted. One thing is for certain- Twitter Time is essential for my soul, mind and spirit. Will not be brutally cut- but tweaked- gently. Thanks for wonderful comments, support and understanding in my quest to stomp out excessive digital addiction.

  10. Oh, Marsha, I’m so behind on… everything. And I haven’t even been tweeting much for the last week. (Miss you!) I’m beginning to think there is no such thing as balance. My list of things I’ve committed to, my yoga and dog walking, my time with husband, time with boys, time with friends (online and offline)… it’s just too much for one person.

    Balance is elusive. Last weekend I toppled big time. Now I’m in the process of righting myself.

    So maybe balance is just the constant process of topple – right yourself – balance – topple – right yourself -balance – topple… 😉

  11. Judy, As I struggle to gain balance I really love your description of the process as topple-right yourself-balance-topple…..

    We hold so many roles and have such expectations of ourselves its no wonder we topple as often as we do. Loved your comments. Thanks for your great insights. Miss you too.

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