Some Revelations to Chew On.

Since declaring that Revelations Trump Resolutions (see January 1 post in this blog) I have given much thought to key revelations experienced in the past year. Here is a sampling:

1. Twitter and it’s potent power for creation of a virtual support group has been the biggest  and most unexpected gift of 2009.

2. Allowing others to apply a statute of limitations  on one’s personal grief period is deleterious for emotional and mental health.  Grief must run it’s course.

3. Reinvention is possible at  any age if you are committed and focused on realistic goals.

4. Letting go of the need to over -parent  adult children results in a new  familial  paradigm bursting with energy and promise.

5. Giving to others always lifts the spirits. Always.

6. Some friendships need to be let go of and others picked up,

7. Revision of your role in an old family script need not desecrate memories of the dearly departed.

8. Resilience is a highly underrated asset.

9. Your daughter-in-law can become a valued and supportive friend who thinks outside of the familial box.

10. Marriage is developmental and offers surprise and wonder at any age.


5 thoughts on “Some Revelations to Chew On.

  1. One of the best revelations I’ve had recently comes from reading your blog, Marsha! And I agree with you about the Twitterverse – I have been surprised and delighted with the friendships that are developing there. You are one of my dearest new friends. Today was a perfect example of the support there to be given and received when @Hippiechick68 cut her hand. It probably made her feel that she had friends sitting with her in the E.R. Plus your offer of support when I had been “bad” made me regret my indiscretion a little less – thanks. This list shows that you are full of wisdom and I’m grateful to you for sharing it with us here. As J would say ::hugs::

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